Annual Report 2021-2022


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Our 2022 Annual Report details the milestones in impactMarket's efforts to achieve financial independence for all.

impactMarket Annual Report 2022

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impactMarket's Annual Impact Report

As the year 2022 comes to an end, we are thrilled to be publishing a summary of our achievements and tremendous growth. The report includes:

  • 2022 highlights of our protocol from each department.

  • A global summary and impact of distributing $3M in UBI.

  • Case Studies that show the impact of our financial services.
  • A Look Ahead from our COO about the exciting milestones to expect in 2023
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“I am very grateful to everyone who donates money to charity and help to Ukrainians! It is a great help for me personally. I use the UBI for food for my children. These funds helped me buy seeds for the garden. From the garden, I stock up for the winter for the family. Thank you again! This is essential help for Ukrainians who remained in Ukraine during the war”.

Svetlana B., unemployed, with 2 children. One of impactMarket's beneficiaries receiving UBI.